INSPIRE: An Album Entirely Custom Made by KDS

“A little music can’t hurt can it now?”

What I decided to do for the second post on my new KDS website is to talk about this new album I’ve been doing, also known as INSPIRE. It is basically a collection of about 23 SONGS that will literally blow your socks off for what I did over the past year or two!

The reason why I gave it the name “Inspire” is because it would be a representation for who I am and what my purpose is in life. I do happen to be very “gifted” as I call it these days, especially with music and writing.

I recently completed the copyright online submission form for the US Copyright Office so hopefully I will be able to release this album once my case gets so called closed, meaning that it is 100% completed and approved by them. There are NO cover songs thankfully as everything, including my best songs and logo, is entirely custom made by me!

It’s now a matter of waiting, and possibly my budget too. If you’re wondering what the genres of this album are, the main one is ALTERNATIVE. Others include electronic, dance, and even hip hop!

I will let you guys know when this album has finally been released so you can check it out! I’m also in the process of making a video containing my most powerful song ever (AS OF APRIL 2017).

Thanks for reading and keep inspiring others!

INSPIRE: THE ALBUM will be available on CD Baby for $19.99. It will also be available from ONLINE retailers EVERYWHERE as well along with YouTube AND SoundCloud too! RELEASE IS TO BE ANNOUNCED.


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