What no one tells you about blogging. The struggle IS real!

Admit it! We’ve all tried to. For the most part we just can’t.

I’ve learned over a year of blogging the hard truth on why I don’t get that much attention. It’s because of a few things.

First of all, I’ve been using titles that just don’t grab the readers attention. It’s a true fact though! I’ve written about 180 posts on my old KDS blog and the result? Only about maybe at best TEN of them happened to stand out the most. It was because the title might’ve grabbed the readers attention. Yes the title!

Another thing to consider doing if you’re new to WordPress for example is to make sure that the content you’re writing is something that people can actually not only read, understand, but also get something out of. Not only that but you also should write about what you were going to talk about, even if it was about ponies for example.

Post frequently! Even if it was ranging from 5 posts a day to only one every week, that’s all that matters! It will add up overtime and if people really like your stuff, and I mean they REALLY like your stuff, they will look at other posts you’ve done. Those stats will add up overtime, just like building credit for a money service for instance.

This is one thing that almost no one tells you about. Trust me that this next thing I’m about to tell you happens to be very ambitious and not even I can keep up the pace for this piece of advice:

Write really lengthy articles.

People actually love lengthy articles like that because we humans like to learn a lot of information all the time and a lengthy article is definitely the best option to get a TON of information from! It’s like a mini book for say to be honest!

Not only that but lengthy articles are actually one of the best ways to get the most traffic driven because of all the stuff that’s packed into a single post. Reminds me of that one site I think you automatically follow when creating a WordPress account, which is something known as Long Reads.

But anyways, these are just some of the methods that I’ve encountered through blogging AND a little bit on the journalism side as well. Oh yeah! One more thing before I forget!

The most important tip of all I can give you in this post is to KEEP GOING. That’s what I try to tell everyone that has dreams they want to follow and pursue. Without that kind of skill, especially in my case, not too much luck will happen for what you want to do.

Anyways, thanks for reading this post! I hope you got something out of it as I did kind of when I was creating this post.

Always remember to keep checking back for more posts like this! Coming soon will be the posts that will be, well, LONG and even USEFUL.

Also don’t forget to check out my other content that is out there OR that is upcoming for the future! You will most likely LOVE what I do in life and what I’m trying to do.

Stay tuned for more!


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