Updates On The New Blog

What is up you guys?

I know I haven’t posted for several days. THAT is NOT new to me because this problem has been happening for who knows how long at this point.

Anyways, I will continue to create AND pursue some creations that I’ve been wanting to do over the years of my life. I’m also trying my very best to get the album INSPIRE out there as soon as my copyright case has been so called “closed”. Better be soon that’s for sure! I’ve waited weeks!

I will also continue to post in the Millionaire’s Digest but with a twist: All articles from this point on on there AND here, advice and experience related, WILL be a minimum of 1,000 words so people can see how much information I’ve literally packed in those posts.

I might even make a book out of those posts as well, since I DID come up with FIFTY possible topics for The Millionaire’s Digest!

Thanks for reading you guys! AND if you can, spread the word about this new website I will be posting in from now on, especially for my current 70 some WordPress followers as well!

Wish me luck everyone!


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