A NEW Method: The KDS Version of Deliberate Practice!

Practice. Practice. Practice. That’s all it takes.

Ever wanted to get going on a task? Want to achieve your goals? I’m feeling the same way as some of you may be feeling right now.

There are two words that describe this concept: Deliberate Practice.

It’s a very furious process where you do something over and over again for a long period of time WHILE making sure that what your practice is RIGHT AND also making sure you keep an open mind, as in being curious. That’s my definition of what deliberate practice is to be honest.

I kind of don’t get the entire concept just yet but the picture you see above is from a so called “video game like document” that I will use hopefully for the rest of my life to put this kind of practice into action. How many levels will be in this document though?

That has no answer as there will be an INFINITE amount for as long as I live!

The way this works is that there are stages, each stage containing a certain amount of levels. In each level, there are tasks to be completed. Levels represent days. Levels get completed ONLY IF ALL tasks have been completed for that level, or day. Same concept applies to stages, where ALL LEVELS must be completed for a stage to be completed.

I’m hoping to keep going with this concept so that way I’m able to reach my goals in an easier way AND at the same time I will be productive as well in life!

I’m not sure if this is exactly what deliberate practice is but hopefully you guys get what I mean by this. It IS a hard concept for me to even understand so if this post is explaining it wrong, just tell me! THAT right there is a part of deliberate practice as well so I can better improve and so called “polish” my skills too!

I will also make a YouTube video at some point next month about this concept too so people can see what I’m TRYING to do in life, or at least one of the things in life I’m trying my best to do.

Thanks for reading the first post in this new category. Also if you guys haven’t, be sure to SPREAD THE WORD about this new website I created as I will be posting there from now on. The URL is no longer “kds407”. The URL now contains “KDS an idea of autism”.

Anyways, wish me luck on this sort of concept as I completed Level 1 in the Tutorial for this sort of thing just now! Yay!


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