Update: A New Record I Shattered For Myself

I woke up and checked my phone this morning…

23 views in one day! How cool is that for the new website?

Now it’s a matter of if I can be able to get more and more as I grow with this website that’s for sure. But this time I will make sure that these kinds of posts are in the Random Posts category because really they’re just updates on stuff that I’m doing.

Anything that is NOT random though will go into the other categories, depending what the post is all about. If it’s about my album INSPIRE for example, it goes in the GRAND TASKS category. Trying to keep things organized here!

As with me making posts, I will also be sure that everything I do is entirely custom and not a parody of something, like as if I did my own spinoff of a story for example which won’t happen in a million years to be honest.

I also noticed that since I started blogging, my average word count for current posts in the last few months have TRIPLED which is pretty good. That way I will be able to pack more information into my posts AND bring more attention from others too!

Anyways, we’ll see if I can keep going with this post, including with posting on The Millionaire’s Digest that’s for sure!


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