Depression: Why It Sucks AND Why It Describes Us; How to STOP It!

NOTE: This post contains content that may be a little harsh for certain readers. This is NOT a negative post but rather a learning experience and why you should know my thoughts in this topic to inspire others. That’s what KDS is all about anyways!

This is a VERY LENGTHY POST so be prepared to take some time out of your day to read the entire thing! Enjoy and inspire!

I know what you’re thinking for this one. Why in the world would I talk about a topic that involves a very strong topic? That’s because I’m actually one of them.

Depression, in some cases, is deadly. It can really corrupt us and sometimes can lead to serious problems. I struggled with it for a long time and I will be honest that it IS hard!

Not only that but in this post, I would like to talk about how depression is not only something that really sucks but also something that describes us. Yeah, you heard me. Depression actually describes us in some way.

The question you’re probably wanting to ask is how though? Why would depression describe us in a certain way?

It’s because it shows how much we’ve REALLY been through, like someones story on how that person fought it for example. It’s something that sometimes we can’t control, especially for losing a loved one or if something tragic happens.

Depression is a way of describing sadness. It’s a concept that we experience at some point in our lives. Not everyone knows though for what this beastly topic is. Some probably don’t even care about this kind of topic even since they THEMSELVES may go through the same thing to be honest.

In my case, I experience this all the time sometimes, mainly because of my isolation, loneliness, and even sometimes in rare cases why I’m even living. For the cases where I question why I’m living is when ALL problems I have get me at once.

Here’s something you may not know about me: I actually did get sad at times back in elementary and middle school. It was when 7th grade came and started to develop. Over the years, I realized more and more about how important it was to have somewhat of a social life but just couldn’t comprehend certain concepts. It’s who I am.

Not only that but you probably know what happens when the WORST thoughts come and what even caused them. Every month possibly or every couple of months, someone just ended their life. Why would they do such a thing?

They were depressed. They didn’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes it’s because they had such an extreme case that it became unbearable. I’ve kind of been through stuff like that to be honest.

I’m telling you that depression is NOT an easy thing to cope with. However, there is a reason why we go through phases of life like this for some of us.

It represents that we were going through a painful process that was going to make us a better person for the most part.

I know that this is one complex process to understand but believe me! Even I MYSELF am not getting it when I reached this point in this very long post! You thought that my advocacy posts would be all positive? We’ll they are! Don’t get me wrong! I’m dedicating this post to some of my life experiences so others can get a feel for what this kind of mood is like and realize that they are NOT ALONE.

If you are reading this right now WHILE you’re being depressed, don’t stress it! It’s probably not as big as you think for the most part for what you’re going through! Trust me! Even though I just realized how kind of negative this post was, it really isn’t. Remember that this post does contain strong topics. I would only suggest to read this ONLY IF you’re in a neutral or above mood. I don’t want to make things worse for you!

Wait a minute! What was I saying though? Oh yes! Depression is very complex because of how much information there is in this kind of topic. I won’t explain everything about what it is and why it is but I will gives some facts about it!

What causes depression? Well, that is a very tricky question since I usually don’t answer such a question like that but I can tell you what causes ME to get depressed.

It’s mainly when I don’t get what I want and when I have to realize THAT!

Of course ALL OF US NEVER like it when we don’t get something we’ve wanted. Whether it is speakers, a girlfriend, or even getting the most attention on your blog, it DOES happen from time to time and for the most part there’s nothing we can do about it!

Like in my case, I really wanted a girlfriend or even friends (Social life wants basically) BUT I know that isn’t going to happen for a while.

So what do I MYSELF do then about this? Get all sad about it in the future? NO!

I try my very best to focus on myself and my dreams that I know will help me out throughout my life. That’s what matters to me the most, not devoting my life to someone for their needs. Trust me. Even the time I asked someone out and got a positive response, the aftermath was not good.

I’m actually starting to remember how much of a pain it REALLY is to keep someone. And yes. Having someone does cause depression as well.

It’s either one thing or the other. We can never win.

Who’s to say that we CANNOT never win?

It IS possible to stay in between the zones where thanks to drama, you’re depressed or thanks to isolation and other problems, you’re depressed. The question you’re probably asking is HOW though?

By what I said before, which was to focus on yourself. That isn’t the only thing though.

How about the word in the category this post was posted in? ADVOCACY.

What is advocacy though?

It’s where someone speaks up for themselves and reaches out to others. It’s an extremely important skill to have in life itself because of the way it works.

To advocate for yourself is very simple yet very difficult at the same time. All you have to do is basically speak up and reach out, even when you get depressed. Trust me on this that I know exactly why ending it early is extremely bad. Think about everything you would leave behind, including loved ones AND even any talents you’ve had.

You only get ONE SHOT at life itself as a human. If you bail out of the game too early, just think about it. We don’t want that. We want to be successful and there ARE ways to become successful in life itself, including living with depression.

The easiest way is to find happiness within, which I’ll write an article about that soon. Hopefully very soon because even I MYSELF need to find out how to get happiness from within. I’m kind of on the right track but not even close enough.

Another way is to GET HELP. Sometimes we can’t do everything alone and the only way to lift that weight off of you is to have a help of hands. That way things will flow much faster and much better so you can continue on with life.

Here’s another story you guys probably don’t know: I’ve been through this problem of wanting someone for OVER SIX YEARS. No luck has happened. These days, I look back and rarely regret it but it’s just who I am.

ALL OF US grow in may different ways. It’s hard to grow but it’s easy to give up.

This is when hard work comes into play.

Hard work. Yes you heard me. The only way to achieve something you really want to achieve, including with depression, is through hard work. If life was given to us in an easy way, it’s pointless to live that’s for sure! Not everything has been given to us in life so we need to figure out how and where what it is that we’re looking for and why.

Even when I was typing this post, I didn’t give up. I didn’t write it just to get more attention but I wanted to show EVERYONE what my experience is like AND what advice I want to offer to the world to make it a better place.

Because our world, our beloved Earth, isn’t going in a direction we want now WHILE it really is. That’s what life is all about! Sometimes it’s like a rollercoaster of ups and downs. You’re not always going to go up, just like the classic saying “what comes up must come down.”

But in the end when you finally figure out how to make the best of life and what you want to do for the future, it will flatten out more and more towards near perfection.

That’s another thing to keep in mind: Perfection. There’s no such thing as perfection though in this world, even if we have the most perfect lives or even the shape of a speaker cone looks perfect, 100% perfection is NOT possible.

Then comes multi-dimensional concepts but that’s way out of the blue in my opinion. That will have to wait for another post hopefully soon.

So the moral of this post is this explained in a nutshell: Don’t give up, keep growing, focus on yourself, and most importantly ADVOCATE and try to NOT get depressed!

Because without even one of those important skills that are crucial for life itself, life WILL collapse on you if done the wrong way even.

What was explained in 1,500+ words is just the surface of my series of books and books of memories and knowledge from my mind of autism along with life itself. I wish I could explain more about life itself but that will wait until another post, where I would talk about the average timeline of the average lifestyle. Hmm! THAT right there should be a topic shouldn’t it be now!

Anyways, I want to say thanks for making it up to this point cause you’ve just read my most lengthy post EVER (AS OF MAY 2, 2017)! HOWEVER, this is only the beginning as I will hopefully make more and more posts that will be MUCH longer than this one over here.

Also did I mention that these kinds of posts WILL give you the traffic you really wanted? I’ll explain that later too! GAH!

if you want to check out more posts created by KDS (Me basically duh!), feel free to check out what I’ve been posting! You’re views count towards my exposure on this website! That’s why you see after the view count “XP”. I did that on purpose so that way it’s like an endless video game, only this time it’s real life stuff.

Okay I’m getting off topic now! Thanks for reading and wish me luck on future posts!

ALWAYS REMEMBER. You’re never alone.

Kalin W.

Creator of KDS


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