Long Reads: Something I SHOULD Consider…

I just remembered that I’m following Longreads on WordPress since I saw an article that was about 4,000 words long.

I always wondered if one of MY posts will ever be featured on their website because I plan to make these insanely long posts for the future. Remember that I’m doing this for a reason, the long posts basically. It’s not only because it’s a GREAT way to get the traffic going.

It’s so that way I can put myself out there for what I have to say AND even stand out for the better of myself and even the better of others too!

The longest post I’ve EVER seen from Longreads is basically one that had 10,000+ WORDS, far greater than what I’ve ever seen! Someday, I WILL be able to write something like that. I just need to find a topic where I can be able to write something that length!

Hopefully I WILL find something that’s for sure! If you have any topic ideas or suggestions, let me know via email or even commenting on my posts.

Thanks for reading and keep posting everyone! More posts coming from me soon, INCLUDING the really long so called “epic posts”!


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