1,675 Words And Counting…Yes I wrote that in ONE HOUR.

Went to the mall today (I know right?) because of how I can find a space like that a good place to work on the series I’ve been trying to work on.

I had a little bit of a tough time at first for thinking of ideas but then once I got going with it after jotting down some stuff, I managed to whip out some information. 1,675 words later, I felt good. And I mean GOOD!

But now the question is…could I do something like this every single day for some time? THAT will have to be determined for the future. I’m hoping that this series I’m currently working on WILL get somewhere finally!

I think what I should do is to keep writing what comes to mind, mainly because I’m actually writing this WITHOUT an outline before you know it. yes, you heard me, NO OUTLINE.

Maybe I do write better without one because I just follow the trail AND not only that but also because my creativity is expanded by a TON. Following an outline just doesn’t do for me anymore. In fact it destroys my creativity and imagination!

But anyways, I’m going to keep you guys updated, including with the word count as well! Yes the word count WILL matter for now mainly because the series WILL be a long one, especially for those ambitious readers that would want to read this too!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck…again…


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