2,724 Words And Counting…

A new method has been discovered for me as I continue to write my series.

Someone told me to try and work on this series outside at where I live. I tried it and it actually worked. Whipped out yet another 1,000+ words! Not only that but the prologue as we call it is now done for the first draft!

This just shows how much potential ANY of us really have. It’s a matter of working hard or hardly working to get there. Hopefully you guys take the working hard route, NOT the hardly working as THAT will get you most likely nowhere.

My goal for today is to finish THREE chapters. I know it sounds like a mouth full but it IS possible to finish some goal like that, especially with the current mood I’m in. I’m feeling so determined that this WILL get done, hopefully once and for all!

If you guys haven’t yet, be sure you keep checking out my other posts in the ADVOCACY section of my website to see what advice KDS had to offer for life itself. Also if you want, give me a follow if you really enjoy what I’m posting! I’m trying so hard to keep at it that’s for sure!

All in all, I’m hopeful that something BIG is going to happen very soon!


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