Starting to lose it BUT already 4,000+ words in!

I know I haven’t been posting lately because of how so called “dry” my ideas have become, even for today.

But the good news is that I now have about 4,000 some words already written in the series I have continued to write. Now it’s a matter of just getting these stupid ideas out of my head and into physical form, even if it was the worst thing I’ve ever written.

This method is what I got out of doing some searches online for how to write a book WITHOUT an outline. It IS possible because of how far I’ve came to this point and the fact that some people anywhere do this too. Hopefully I’m able to keep going with this series because I know that this one has potential this time!

Not only that but I will become busy for the next few weeks so I will try my very best to post as much as possible during that time.

I also need to think of a good post that can span out to about 5,000-10,000 words this time. That way I can say that I’ve written an extremely beefy blog post!

For now, I just need to get myself out there for the better.


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