So after going through a phase today where my productivity “skyrocketed” for absolutely no reason, I managed to upload the first episode of KDS WITHIN Season 2 AND even updated many things for my idea of autism!

You really should check out the video as I talk about copyrighting and why YOU should do it for ANY content you plan to release. It’s a very informational video, in my opinion.

More videos like this WILL happen in the future! If you guys have any requests for what the next episode should be, just say it on YouTube or even here! I’ll take mostly ANYTHING.

As far as everything else is going, I seem to be heading in a new direction. A direction that I will never forget IF I’m going the right way of course!

I also might become a writer for the Millionaire’s Digest Magazine as well HOWEVER I’m waiting to hear back from them to see if it’s possible. Until then, I STILL should draft the articles, just in case!

Anyways, thanks for reading and keep blogging everyone! Inspiration is KEY.


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