Productivity is a video game. WordPress is the PERFECT example. (Part 1/5)

“How I think of productivity? The answer is simple. It’s a video game!”

Very few people would say something like this mainly because that’s the nature of human life. We as humans live everyday life without knowing and there is one thing that will drive us to keep us going for success. That is productivity.

In this blogging series, I would like to talk about how productivity happens to be like a video game so to speak. You know how video games work right? Well in my case I used to think that video games for the most part weren’t as big as I thought. Turns out as the games on the phone for example continue to get updated at least every few weeks, yeah. Those games are so big they become ENDLESS, just like productivity.

If you get what I’m saying, good for you but in case you’re not, what I’m saying is that video games these days for the most part are so big they are going towards infinity. But that’s NOT what this blog post is about.

This series will be about what I think of in terms of productivity acting like video games.

If you feel like you’ll find this post interesting, please feel free to read on. You can also skip around to other parts of this post series as well in case you’re trying to find certain bits of information.

Anyways, continue on to part two for more information.


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