Productivity is a video game. WordPress is the PERFECT example. (Part 2/5)

Just why would I relate productivity to video games so to speak?

Well the answer is simple: Productivity is a way of describing what we do to stay in good shape for our well-being. It can relate to video games because of how much it can add up, track progress, shape the future, and even make us wonder what we humans can REALLY do.

But keep in mind that life itself is very complex. Productivity is one of those complex elements because of the different ways and methods on how to be a productive member of society. Take this blog post for example. Why would I write a post series though? It’s so not only do I get more traffic but also because I’m being productive for myself. Blogging is jst a productive hobby of mine to be honest.

There could be a “sideways eight” amount of ways to be productive in life itself. What I mean by sideways eight is infinite, as if there is no right way to be productive. Okay that made no sense just now but it’s true! There is no right or wrong way for the most part to be productive. It’s a matter of if you KNOW what you’re doing for yourself and possibly others too!

Before I get off topic, let me explain why productivity is a video game, or at least like it. It involves making progress and achieving goals you’ve never thought possible. Not only that but you can also make plans for what you want or need to accomplish and the best thing is that when being productive in the right way, everything adds up for the better, as long as you are going in the right direction.

In the next part of this post series, I will get into how blogging in particular is a great example of productivity.


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