Productivity is a video game. WordPress is the PERFECT example. (Part 3/5)

To recap for what I was talking about in the past couple of parts, what has been said was why productivity is like a video game. There are so many ways to express it on why I would describe this concept of life in this way.

Let’s put it in this way: Why blogging happens to be the PERFECT example of productivity.

So, you start a new blog for instance, right? That’s being a little bit productive. Now let’s put it with a twist: You write a series of posts every few days on your new blog. THAT right there is already being very productive. Not only that but when you do productive concepts and skills, it can actually pay off, just like a video game for completing that achievement or even that multi part task.

When I was writing this blog post, there was one goal I had in mind: To finish this blog series so that way I can tell everyone that I DID do something for the better of myself and others too! The only way to get to that goal though? Productivity.

Sometimes though, goals and objectives like people usually call it are very hard or even nearly impossible to reach. It actually IS possible. You just need to be productive to the best of your ability. At this point when I was typing up this post series, I was wondering if I will be able to make it packed with information that it will be a good payoff once uploaded.

Part 4 continues the post series. Only this time in the next part, I’ll relate it to my old blog “kds407”.


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