Productivity is a video game. WordPress is the PERFECT example. (Part 4/5)

Now how can I relate productivity to as if it were a video game? One term describes it as another example on this concept: kds407.

THAT right there happens to be my old blog where I consider it as one of the most productive things I’ve ever done in my life, mainly because there happens to be over 165+ POSTS done over the course of a little over a year. After writing all those posts, I didn’t get as much traffic, as most of the posts I’ve written kind of didn’t relate to what I meant to talk about silly me.

Anyways, When I started out on blogging, I thought and still continue to think of it as one of the coolest concepts I’ve ever seen. The heart of tracking all that productive work I’ve put in happens to be the stats, the core part of this example for why blogging and video games relates to productivity. Every time I looked at those numbers climbing up, that made me feel somewhat good about myself before you know it.

I bet that ANYONE would like that for the most part when they are bloggers so to speak. We like to have some kind of proudness within us BUT here’s the catch: We can only feel it best when we do not cheat and when we go through the entire process of a certain concept. Sounds easy, right? It really depends what the concept is. Sometimes it is easy. Other times extremely difficult.

I can also relate this process to book writing or even if it were to be an official job. I mean every single job 99 percent of the time happens to be something where we can be productive in, as in doing something for the better of society.

Entrepreneur, a difficult concept I kind of don’t get still, is another good example as you are promoting yourself and putting who you are out there for others to witness. It is also another way of being someone productive in society before you know it.

In the last part of this post series, I will talk about why you should be productive no matter what.


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