No Choice Left But to RETWEET.

Man I haven’t written a blog post for such a long time so to speak.

Things kind of went downhill for me but I WILL bring it back uphill because of a new trick I’m going to try for the better. That is to RETWEET certain posts that I create that get shared to Twitter.

Of course this means more work for me BUT it WILL work overtime for me to boost up my traffic and put myself out there once and for all. I also will need to gain up on EVERY SINGLE METHOD I’ve ever learned since I started to blog back in February 2016.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing these days, once again I’ve been doing NOT that much. Times are just getting harder and harder for me as time is going by. I know things have been getting better but sometimes it just doesn’t seem like it.

I’ve also been trying to write my series again as well but that wasn’t working either.

So what will I do now?

One of the ways is that I will have to retweet every post I feel that people will find useful. Of course this process WILL be a hard one but I’ll get used to it. This will apply ONLY to certain posts!

Anyways, here’s what I want to ask you guys: What did I do wrong AND what did I NOT do right? Okay maybe not something like that but what could I have done wrong these days that is preventing me from doing BIG things someday? I always wondered that.


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