Why I should post in the morning and why YOU should too!

Been trying to figure out a mystery for a long time, which was when people read blog posts usually.

Turns out it was simple all along: Early in the morning.

How early though? I would say when this blog post was uploaded to this site. But why would I want to upload a blog post even early in the morning? It’s because people are checking out what could be new or interesting after they wake up and have breakfast.

All this time, I really should’ve posted in the morning BUT as I was typing this up, I was wondering if posting this early would actually work. I would be surprised if it actually does before you know it.

So my advice is this: To get more exposure for your blog or website, post early in the morning. That’s all it takes, even if you have to schedule that blog post.

If this secret turns out to be true, guess what time I’m posting from now on! Also by the way, another thing I lack which I’m trying to fix is consistency. Yeah. You heard me right!

Like they all say, “Just keep going.”


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