Why Reading is Beneficial: The Power of Words and the Mind (BETA ARTICLE)

WRITTEN ON: 8-6-2017

There’s a reason why people keep telling others to read more.

In fact do you plan to write the next big bestseller novel? Or even plan to consider blogging as a hobby? Maybe even want to improve your vocabulary?

Just read. That’s all that takes.

But don’t just read one book and call it a day. Read as many as you can within your time range! There are studies out there that show how reading makes you smarter not only in the writing field but also ANYTHING too!

Not only that but did I mention that you’ll even build your vocabulary and even talk a little more in a smart matter as well? Maybe I did but who knows. Even I myself need to read more!

But anyways, all it takes to become a better writer is to read more. Much more. Or at least in the range you can handle. Some can finish a book every two weeks. Others can finish TWO TO THREE in ONE week! Yes. THAT is possible!

I wonder what everyone’s reading these days. I’ll extend this article tenfold when I get the chance to in the near future!


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