I got inspired again and here’s why. (4/4)

Had a kind of rough day today and here’s what happened.

Basically, I was watching YouTube videos, right? Well I wasn’t doing THAT for the majority of the day that’s for sure. But this one ad for Grammarly came up and I thought to myself, “Wow. Wish I could be THAT productive these days.”

The way they made this advertisement is by shooting it in a certain way that makes it dramatic AND productive looking. That was probably the first advertisement I actually liked for the first time in so long. The ad was about a girl that was turning a paper in at the last minute.

Why would I want to bring this sort of thing up though?

Because it actually gave me some motivation on how I can become more successful in life itself. The way that girl, no not the girl, but the people who have made this advertisement really did a fantastic job on how she managed to get the paper done before it was due.

Not only that but I can also assure you that if you were to see this ad, you would probably like it too UNLESS you’re not into electronics and typing like I am. Trust me. In order to get the feeling that I managed to get, you have to be some kind of writer, someone who works with computer keyboards, business person, basically whatever brings on Entrepreneurship for you!

Trust me. Sometimes things we see or do (Mostly see) tend to give us some kind of motivation for what we want to do in our lifetime. It may not seem like it but it IS out there. You just have to find a way to inspire YOURSELF. Only you have the ability to determine what motivates you and what doesn’t. Just some thoughts I wanted to throw out there.

The good news though is that I am writing again for my series, which was over 1,000 words later today typed. I know I CAN do this. It’s not easy but really ANYTHING is possible. You just have to put your mind to it and things WILL fall into place. Trust me on that. I’ve had experiences for years that caused me to realize even some of the impossible.

At least I WILL write again for now. It’s not easy but really it is. I just need to put my mind to it that’s all!


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