Frustrated with something? Just take a break! (2/5)

Have you ever wondered why people always get frustrated with what they want to do in life but can’t seem to do it? Happens to the best of us, especially for me since I was trying to create a new song as I was typing this. Turns out that there was one thing I just have to do in order to keep going with music making.

Take a break. That’s all it takes.

Everyone every now and then takes breaks, especially for even myself. Turns out that I myself need to take a break from making music so that way when I DO come back to making music after some time, I will finally be able to, most likely, get my ideas out of my head and into the music program.

Let’s put it this way: Are you trying to write the next bestseller out there for the entire world to see but just can’t seem to get ideas flowing? Take a break for crying out loud! You DO want to push yourself but you don’t want to overload yourself as well.

Since I can seem to make music at this time, I guess what I will do myself is take a break from doing it, at least for the next week or two, and focus on my writing. I know that breaks help because I myself do it passively, as in taking breaks without knowing it, and when I get back to doing something it turns out that I know exactly what to do then!

But really for anything, it takes time in order to get certain things done, even if you’re writing a midterm paper for class. However, don’t make the breaks too long or even too short as well, as that won’t be good for your well-being! It’s like sleeping but just takes much longer. You just need to find the so called “sweet spot” in-between too short and too long.

Anyways, if you get frustrated, just take a break. That’s all you have to do.


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