I’m trying something new…

So I figured I should do a little experiment with something IF I can able to be consistent this time here and there. That is where I not only created a new category on my blog/website but also that every single day I MUST write a minimum of one post or more for maximum exposure.

I remembered that every time I’ve ever written a post since I started to blog, there was always a 50 some percent chance that I would gain a new follower. What if I took it up to the next level by doing this every single day for some time? I could not imagine if my follower count starts to skyrocket all because I did this.

Not only that but I want to give you guys a “behind the scenes”sort of thing, just like a journal except it happens to be public. This way you guys will be able to see for the most part what I’m doing and why I’m doing certain concepts in life.

I’m even using a habit tracker app where every time I post a blog post, I go to the habit tracker sort of thing whatever you call it, and swipe right to say that I DID IT. Hopefully it does work well.

Other than that, I might even talk about my book series I’ve been writing, even though I cannot reveal details until it’s been published. I’m WAY far from there for now.

Here’s a question I want to ask YOU: What do you want to see from an individual, as in what do you want to see someone create?


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