Really Good Advice I Got Yesterday

I needed help. A lot of help in fact!

Thanks to someone who runs a club I’m in, I am now going on the right track. I HYPERLINKED all my sites in my signature for my business email and I will do my very best to remain consistent with posting.

Here’s the catch: I really should only write TWO GOOD POSTS every WEEK along with the daily posts. That way those two posts every week will be the ones that stand out the most AND will have the best information people are looking for in life itself.

As for putting myself out there, I will eventually email organizations that happen to be geared towards autism. This will also give me a little boost for what I’m trying to do too.

I will also continue making a blog post everyday that is NOT one of the two good posts I’m doing every week. The behind the scenes sort of thing is STILL going, even after getting the advice from that person I communicated with. Those posts in particular will NOT be a part of the two good posts per week as those posts are a part of the public journal.

I repeated myself. Opps.

Anyways, want to hear more from me? All it takes is a new follower for my blog to make things happen!


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