Once again, music is now my enemy.

After many trial and error moments when I was mixing with my new songs, I felt as if I needed a break once again, mainly because I just can’t seem to mix the songs properly AND I even have no idea what some new songs should be too.

I guess what I should do at this point is to keep blogging and writing in my series. I feel that is the best way to go for now. Wow my Bluetooth Keyboard was getting the best of me and my typing so I decided to stop using it for good at this very moment.

Anyways, I just can’t seem to make some new songs to be honest. I just can’t. I have no idea how and why this keeps happening for the past few days. I’m also starting to get anxious as I keep typing on and on. What is happening with me? I must be losing my marbles or something.

Not only that but I’m now running out of things to say for now. I’m not moody right now (hopefully) but I’m hoping it’s just temporarily for what I’m experiencing this very second.

Have you guys ever experienced this feeling where you just can’t focus straight?


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